I’m Andrea, a sexual trauma survivor, a correctional officers wife, a product of the 1980’s and so much more! After years of my friends encouraging me to write my life experiences I’m finally sitting down each and everyday to share insight into my world. It’s a crazy world at that, so hold tight!

I firmly believe each of us are God’s masterpiece and a blend of our situations and environment. This is a place where I can share my input, my advice, and my self-growth. It’s also a safe place for you and me both to come and talk about everyday life.

Let’s see how this goes! Here’s to living to the fullest, learning what we can about ourselves & loving who we are each and everyday.

Facts about me

  • Graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelors of liberal studies in marketing, advertising, with an emphasis of humanities, communications, and social sciences
  • Dislexic
  • Married my husband in my mid-30’s
  • Proud parent of two dogs & a cat
  • Survived being molested as a child; raped in college, sexual harassment in the workforce
  • Loves to participate in 5k races
  • Enjoys scrapbooking
  • Lives in Central Iowa