Recently I was going through my junk mail & found a coupon for a new bar & grill in the West Des Moines area. Boy oh boy! Was I glad I looked into it! Three Sons bar and grill at 5906 Ashworth in West Des Moines, IA is my new favorite go-to.

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Bone-in wings. Jamaican Jerk on the bottom; Garlic Jalapeno on the top.

For lunch, my dining “partner-in-crime” & I ordered the 20 bone-in wings. While I went with Jamaican Jerk; they went with Garlic Jalapeno flavor. Yum!

We both were pleasantly surprised by the large size of the wings, and the unique flavor of the sauces. Not to mention; great price! We both left with leftovers to reminisce over.

If you are up for a neighborhood surprise, check out Three Son’s. Come for the food, stay & return for the atmosphere & story.

Instantly, we both knew we would no longer be going to a chain restaurant down the road for luke-warm wings and servers who just aren’t as personable. This is our new wings hangout! Our server was incredibly social, & more than willing to answer all of our questions about the unique dishes.

Before you chalk this up to just another mom & pop bar & grill; take a moment to hear how it all started!

In May of 2019 the Des Moines Register wrote a piece on the new bar & grill that explains a promise the owner, David Anders, made to his three sons.

David Anders is a father of 3 boys (thus 3 Sons).  In the above-mentioned Des Moines Register article, Anders talks about how his drinking of alcoholic beverages led to legal problems.  Reality hit when a judge sentenced him to three months in jail. He had never been away from his sons for that length of time and never wanted to be apart from them that long again.  It was at that point he promised them when he was released, he would be a changed man. 

Since that time, Anders has kept his promise to stay sober and dedicate his life to raising his sons.  One way to do that was to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant dedicated to his growing boys.

It touched me that not only did he open his dream restaurant in honor of his sons; but names some amazing dishes after them.  His oldest son is the inspiration for the spicy Philly quesadilla (Philly beef, sautéed onions, mushrooms, jalapenos) The middle son’s dish is appropriately named; the middle child burger (pepperoni, buffalo sauce, onion strings, pepper jack cheese).  Last, but not least; The AIGG Bomb Burger (American Cheese, fried egg, bacon) is named after his youngest son.  Naturally, Anders got in on the fun on a food dish named after him with The Way of the Father Burger (turkey burger, swiss cheese, green chili, guacamole).

Needless to say; with easily over 100 different menu items it will be a new tasteful adventure every time you & your food “partners-in-crime” visit.

Go! Check it out! Tell them Millennial Blender sent you!