Today is September 12, 2019; 18 years after the largest attack on America since Pearl Harbor.  People around the world were in disbelief and shock as 4 airplanes changed this day in history.  Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news that day.  But now, years later and just 24 hours after my social media accounts have exploded with tributes (as they should) remembering that day, 9/11, I reflect on today 9/12.  A tribute I repeatedly saw was a meme of people wanting to remember 9/12 when we weren’t divided by race, gender, or beliefs; but united by grief. 

As a nation we wanted to help, we wanted to understand what shook us all to the core; so, we donated.  We donated money to find survivors, we donated support to the stunned, and we donated blood to each other.  It became such a selfless gesture for citizens to donate blood people were eventually turned away because the blood couldn’t be used fast enough. And now, now 18 years later the blood donation supply is once again low.

Here is my call to arms:  Make September 12 National Donate and Support day.  In time, our generation will fade and the memories of September 11, 2001, will only be told in history books.  But what if, what if there was an act of gesture reminiscent of that day not so long ago.  What if that day lived on forever like a flame in our hearts and memory of those who perished that day?

On this day every year please take time, less than an hour usually, to donate.  The blood you donate will save up to three lives.  Let it be your legacy to help three strangers on this day every year. 

Suggestions on where you find your local blood donation center:

If you want to continue to remember those lost not only from the attacks but through all tragedies remember; you can donate blood every 56 days.  Here is a blood donation schedule to help you through the year:

Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.

President Obama, 2011 Radio Address

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