Pitching In

A close friend of mine is a social worker in the community and makes sure each time we meet they leave me with a new card.  For the last 8 years, I’ve kept every card; and now I am sharing them with each of you.  If you are looking for inspiration; or maybe just needing to take a mental break click through the collection and consider what the card means to you.

Don’t forget to pay it forward!

I volunteer my services, and pitch in on whatever chores need to be done around the house. (Even if I have a diferent idea of how often objects “need” to be dusted) I love pitching in because it means the chores are done faster and that means I can get back to what I was doing before I pretended to love pitching in!

Who remembers watching Saturday morning cartoons when your parents told you to turn them off to clean your room, do the dishes, walk the dog, take out the trash, and on and on? Even in my 30s I still scoff when someone asks me to pitch-in, but really it’s not to inconvenience me its to help them help me.

Here’s a great example that happened like clockwork every Thanksgiving morning when I was growing up. My cousins and I would crowd around the television watching the Macy’s Day parade when one of the aunties asked who wants to set the table. Well no one, duh! By someone biting the bullet and setting the table meant it was one less thing delaying us from sitting around the table and sharing what we were thankful for, and of course the amazing homemade food!

Maybe that was an extreme example, but the point is by pitching in you are not only helping someone but helping yourself. Did you just reduce someone’s chaotic schedule? Did you make someone feel acknowledged and appreciated? Did you just put a bit more positive energy into the universe?

So go, pitch in! Make someone’s day! Make your day! Get back to your Saturday day morning cartoons already!

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