Explaining Social Media to a Millennial

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I’m not going to hide it, I…HATE….reading!  When I was growing up I would bribe others to do my book reports.  Then when I went off to college we found out I was dyslexic, so I had all of my textbooks on audio.  Nowadays; if I read a book it doesn’t need to be good; it has to be amazing and worth my time and effort! 

That is exactly what Social Media Explained by Mark W Schaefer is; worth your time & effort!  Mark gets to the point right away saying hey this is a quick read and I’m going to break down the fundamentals of social media and exactly why your business (big or small) needs to be utilizing it. 

As a society labeled millennial I couldn’t agree more!  If I am interested in trying a new product, restaurant, or brand out I look for them on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see what others are saying. 

Schaefer says it best, “Facebook is unsurpassed in its ability to connect businesses with its customers in a rapid and human way.  It is an ideal platform to spread the word quickly, monitor reactions, and collect data”.  If you don’t have a legitimate Facebook page; I go to the next place for my night out on the town. 

As a marketing student in college, one of the things we were taught in college was the best advertisement was word of mouth advertising.  Schaefer gives a great example from his own experience with Verizon of what can happen for better or worse for a company from word of mouth advertising when a consumer using social media to discuss their feelings about the brand. 

Whether you have a company of 12 or 12,000 this is a wonderful read on just how critical social media is to your business and the success….or failure of that business.

He has also written Tao of Twitter and Born to Blog; both of which I have added to my want to read list!

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