Is this compass working?!

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I survived yet another holiday season!  But not without a couple of close encounters.  One is a moral compass moment.  On December 15th I stopped at a local brick and mortar store for an item to finish up my holiday crafts and sometimes I use routinely was on clearance, like GOOD clearance!  70% off with an extra 20% off that!  I just couldn’t pass it up!  I stocked up and headed to the register with my cart full of what used to be a stocked shelf.  The only problem: it rang up wrong at the register!  Oh no! 

I told the cashier and she got on the walkie-talkie to get confirmation from a manager or other store clerk of the signage at the endcap.  She put the pile aside and continued to ring up my remaining purchase.  A few minutes later she still hadn’t heard anything from anyone and asked again.  I could hear someone responding on the earpiece, but no clue what they said.  You could tell at that point the salesgirl was getting frustrated as she saw the line getting longer and other customers getting frustrated.  She looked around, and I could see she was holding back tears; the cashier next to her just shrugged and said give it to her!  As in, give me the discount because no one was assisting the clerk with the price verification.  So what did she do?  She took the remaining items yet to be rung up and slid them into a shopping bag and pressed total. 

Whoa!  What just happened!  I’m not a thief!  I looked at both clerks in dismay, as now the salesgirl helping me was now in tears.  My moral compass was now spinning out of control!  Do I take a consumer mentality and accept it as it is where I surely am coming out ahead with the unpaid items?  Or do I take a Christian and moral mentality and ask her to ring me back up to account for all of the items; well over 100 items, while the customers in line continue to get irritated? 

I decided to leave it as is and left the store.  I took to Facebook to ask my friends and followers their thoughts.  The response varied from going back to the store to pay it forward. 

What would you do?  It’s the holiday season, the season for giving, being kind, thinking of others.  Morally, ethically, and legally it’s wrong to steal; regardless of the situation or the monetary amount.  According to a moral compass is an internalized set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making

So what did I do?  As I received free craft supplies; I donated money to a local non-profit to help with arts and crafts.

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