My Corona…virus Day 2

I subscribe to Women’s Health Magazine and found this e-article interesting.  In the article, a woman living on the west coast in her early 40’s talks about testing positive for the coronavirus in early February. For me personally, I think back to that time period and had no inclining that this was coming our way. I think of Valentine’s Day weekend and being carefree and not associating “Corona” and “Virus” together.

What it’s like to get the Corona Virus at 42 years Old

I’m only in day two of my self-quarantine but as I read this article a lot of thoughts came flying through my mind. As a social 30-something, I don’t sit at home; I’m at the store, at the gym, walking in the park, going to the movies, just being…social. So when she brings up needing to talk to people she interacted within the last few days my inner monolog couldn’t help but ask…how?!

As the days progress we will see how this unfolds. I know I said yesterday I felt people were blowing this out of proportion…and I’m not completely changing my mind. But as I read this article it occurred to me there is still a lot unknown about COVID-19.

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