From A Distance…Day 4

As I do most days; when I got up this morning I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this post more towards parents…but hey why can’t I take tours and have fun in the comfort of my own home too? The post was from of different rides in the Disney Parks that you can take virtual rides on.

As an adult, it was hard to get into the not so action-packed rides, but I admit the Slinky Dog Dash is a must! Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed it and I was able to joke with my boyfriend that I saved him a few grand and a week’s worth of vacation leave, but someday I will go back and ride all of these magical attractions in person!

So…just what is all of this alone time doing to all of us? It’s great to not have to sit in a meeting that could have been an email, but we miss out on socializing with our coworkers…going to the gym…hearing new tales and just seeing people. I guess now we all understand what it’s like for the stay at home moms who beg for adult interaction and conversation.

In trying to stay busy I came across a great e-article from Shape Magazine, about what social distancing is doing to us psychologically.

Social Distancing…Psychologically

Whoa! What a read! So, having a mental health disorder and having worked for a behavioral health agency there is a stigma that mental health is not acceptable in the world we live in today. it is expected that you suck it up or grow a thicker skin. But in reality, society is changing and with that needs to be how we perceive being OK. With it being mid-March the weather still isn’t the best and we are all in isolation or virtual isolation from each other. We can’t hug, hold hands, or just physically interact. The writer made a great point about how the elderly look forward to visits from family and friends and with social distancing that just isn’t going to happen right now. The lack of visitors, the lack of social interaction amongst all of these dreary days is going to bring down our attitudes. We are going to be sour..we are going to be depressed and sad.

…feelings of sadness, frustration, or anger

I pretty much want to copy and paste exactly what was said towards the end of the article: “Bottom line: Whether or not you’re practicing social distancing, make sure you’re not ignoring your mental health (right now)”

I want to share an image I saw on Facebook. It has been shared around the social media site; originally from Foster’s Voice. This image is so powerful of just what mental health issues could be getting triggered right now in each of us.

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