I take it back! This is serious!

Day 3! I’m sorry I doubted you world!

OK, I will say it…I will own it. As a millennial, I did not take the coronavirus seriously. I am starting to take it seriously; about time! Here in the state of Iowa, the governor has ordered all movie theaters, gyms, bars/restaurants to close immediately. If they feel it’s important enough to keep us all away from each other than I guess I need to trust and believe our politicians on the local and national level have my best interest at heart.

I attend a local kickboxing and strength training facility called Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping, the CEO released this statement. I know Lance on a personal level and if he believes it is not safe to have the gyms open, then you know it is serious. Luckily, he has blessed the members with professional workout videos during this time.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to take a kickboxing class, this is the time to check out the virtual classes on YouTube. They are free and you can do them in the privacy of your own home!

But anyway, as I settle into accepting the severity of the coronavirus I came across another great e-article from Women’s Health Magazine of a yoga instructor in Italy and how she is coping with the international pandemic. My understanding is Italy is two weeks ahead of us in the United States. So if this is what she is experiencing now; I can only imagine what it will be like for us in the future.

Italy Yoga Instructor Staying Strong during the lockdown

As I read Martina’s account of the Corona-virus I was stunned as she talked about the elderly in Italy and how the hospitals are not prepared for the pandemic. The United States undoubtedly has some of the most advanced medical technology and services out there; but when the time comes will we be able to care for the elderly? I can’t imagine what this is going to become.

Later on, in the article she talks about a self-certification for travel and commute in case you are stopped by law enforcement; can you imagine that happening here in the states? I’m not sure that would go over well. It’s hard to take this seriously when it came out of nowhere and conflicting facts about what the pandemic is and how to prevent it. I’m intrigued there is a fine of $230 and jail time; can you imagine the overcrowding in jails if that happened?

From what I do know and do understand hearing her talk about trying to have normalcy in her home is uplifting. It is great to hear the make-shift home gym and virtual classes are effective. We all need it to keep us going with a somewhat normal schedule.

Maybe…just maybe the silver lining is we will see the value in our lives again. We will get back to working out without distractions and we will connect with family again.

Huh…well Day 4 here I come!

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