Day 60…The Struggle is REAL!

Two months ago, could any of us image this would be the life we would be living as we prepare for Memorial Day and the dog-days of summer?  I personally could not have guessed this.

As we get deeper and deeper into the global pandemic, I am seeing more and more stories and memes about the masks we are all wearing.  Four months ago, if you saw someone walk into a place of business you probably thought a robbery was about to take place.  And just two months ago, if you saw someone wearing a mask your inner monologue probably made fun of them for overreacting to something that would subside in a week or two.  And now, now we look at those not wearing a mask and the inner monologue chimes in how weird and disconnected they are.  Your inner monologue is so freaked out by the mask-less citizen you have the urge to run to the other side of the store. 

I found the above image on Pinterest and couldn’t stop laughing.  As the pandemic has progressed, there have been questions on which type of mask is best for you.  Do you wear a mask with elastic or tie-backs?  Do you wear a mask with a filter or multiple layers?  Do I even need a mask?  Which leads me to the next awesome image that I snagged from Reddit

I think it was shortly after this meme came out, did we finally understand the importance of wearing a mask. Personally, I’m a visual person; so to think of passing the pandemic around like pee in the pants was BIG! Ew, I can’t handle my own cat’s pee on me so lets not even discuss someone else’s pee on me!

Now that we have established the importance of wearing a mask during the Covid-19 global pandemic; let’s talk about which mask is for you.

N95 masks are currently the most sought after mask style, and should also be reserved for first responders and healthcare workers. This mask fights tightly around your face with a filter that blocks 95% or more of the smallest particles in the air. Unfortunately, the N95 mask needs to fit just right in order to work. It’s encouraged that N95 masks only be used once. Due to the demand for N95 masks it is virtually impossible for the general public to purchase one.

Per, surgical masks should be reserved for first responders, healthcare workers, and essential workers. Most surgical masks are blue with white borders. The mask will fit loose around the nose and mouth but shield against large droplets from an ill person’s cough or sneeze. Because of the loose fit, the surgical mask won’t protect against tiny particles that could be carrying Covid-19. Similar to the N95 mask, it is suggested that surgical masks only be used once. If you are looking to purchase a surgical mask here is a great suggestion; a disposable 3 layer mask from Amazon.

The pitta mask is made from a polyurethane material that allows for easy breathing. Since this isn’t a paper or cotton material mask, 99% of pollen, dust particles, and germs.  Unlike other mask styles, the pitta mask doesn’t have stretchy straps for the ears, which makes it more comfortable. You can also wash the mask multiple times unlike other styles. They suggest washing the pitta mask by hand and air-dry. This is a great gender-neutral mask for a great price!

Am I the only one who sees a gas mask & expect a villain to be nearby with toxic fumes? The gas mask is known for altering a person’s voice to make it muffled in a lower tone; which is why it’s the mask of choice for villains. The gas mask has different levels of filtration. If the description is rated 95, that means it will stop 95% of airborne particles or .3 microns in size or larger. Even though this sounds great, remember the filter of a gas mask doesn’t last very long. If you are looking to purchase a gas mask, try this one out! It doesn’t need batteries and has excellent protective features.

As the image says, the paper mask option isn’t the best for the current situation; but something is better than nothing. As more retailers require customers to wear masks while shopping you do see this version of a mask commonly sold for about $1 to those in need. This is a disposable mask, so one and done! Here is a wonderful value-pack offer from Amazon on paper masks.

When mask usage was first encouraged a number of people found humor in wearing a facial mask in public. yes, it’s funny and breaks the monotony of our fear; but it’s not going to prevent against germs and airborne droplets. But…lucky you; it will make your skin look amazing! If you insist on wearing a facial mask IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME try this pack for different skin concerns.

Regardless of which mask you prefer please practice safety during the pandemic. Make sure to be covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands frequently, if you feel ill stay home, and most importantly practice social distancing!

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