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It’s day 45…Does anyone else feel like we are climbing a smooth marble wall with no idea how to climb up it?  I thought I would take the next couple of days to talk about something I know well; mental health.  As a person who has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTDS I have had my fair share of mental health and behavioral health experience. 

First and foremost, it is importance to know there is nothing wrong with having a mental health concern.  To have a mental health concern in today’s world is similar to saying you have a pulled muscle.  Someone pulled a muscle because they went out and experienced life; you have a mental health concern because you went out and experienced life.

Before I get into day 1 of my 5 days of mental health tips I think it’s important to touch on what I have noticed.  As the nation has started to stay home around the clock, with the adults working from home, and the kids not in school to see their friends we are getting on each other’s nerves.  As we all sit around the house running out of shows to stream and things to talk about the silence is around us.  When I was in college someone once told me one of the worst things out there were idol hands. 

Idol hands equals idol minds

What that means is when you are just sitting around not doing anything you are thinking and rethinking about things.  You are dwelling and over-analyzing a situation.  This means you might bring up a “dead-topic” from two weeks ago since you have nothing to do or think about.  Ew!  Bad idea!  Don’t pick that fight; just don’t do it! 

Use this time to work on yourself in a positive way.  Just know, you don’t need to go to a therapist to get help.  Therapy is great, I go on a regular basis, but not everyone has that luxury either because of schedule or finances.  If you are wanting a therapist here is a great place to find one.

A great way to work on your mental health at home is to journal.  There are no rules or guidelines; it comes from the heart.  It’s best to journal every day.  This gives you a chance to vent or document your celebrations.  You can have a specific purpose or general thoughts.  Because there are no rules your journal may be a childhood memory or a chance to dig deep into your inner self.  Your main goal is to just get it out on paper; believe it or not, just getting it out of your system does the body good!  You will be surprised by what you can work through on your own just by writing it down.

If you are needing help finding a journal here are some of my favorites:

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