Breathe baby! Breathe!

May 5th

Yesterday I started a 5-day series of ways to help during the global pandemic with your mental health by using my own experiences.  Yesterday, I talked about the importance of journaling, and today I’m going to share with you the importance of controlling your breathing. 

I said this yesterday, I’m going to say it again today..tomorrow…and the day after: it is important to know there is nothing wrong with having a mental health concern.  To have a mental health concern in today’s world is similar to saying you have a pulled muscle.  Someone pulled a muscle because they went out and experienced life; you have a mental health concern because you went out and experienced life.

I know, we all breathe. We’ve done it since birth and we will do it till we die. But…sometimes it’s how you breathe that matters.

We all have heard about the connection between mind and body, but most people don’t know how to strengthen or access it in times of need.  It is important to take calming breaths during high stress and anxiety times to help align your brain and nervous system.  By learning how to control your breath you will be able to integrate the information that your brain knows but your heart doesn’t. You will be able to process the information more quickly and thoroughly.    

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where a pregnant lady is being told to do Lamaze breathing?  Yea that’s controlling the breathing.  Same concept.  If you can control your breath it helps you calm down faster and may just prevent you from passing out!

I personally suggest feet on the ground and if you can, back straight up.  Others will say as long as you can lay comfortably on your back that is OK as well. Regardless of the situation, when it comes to breathing try to keep your airway open. 

  • Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Take slow breathes.
  • Count backwards from 10…slowly!

If you want more information on breathing techniques and more information from a profession, check out the book Breathwork. It’s meant to be a 3-week training of how to help you work on your breathing for clarity, better health, and to stay calm in future situations.

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