Self-care at day 59

Day 59…we got this right?  As we settle into month 2 of the pandemic there is more and more talk about wellness.  Not just physical wellness but mental and emotional wellness.  You need to nourish your mind, body & soul!  To sum it up; self-care!  Here is a few of my favorite ways to practice self-care!

Stay connected

Even though we are observing social distancing it’s ok to reach out to others via text message, phone call, email, or social media.  Set up a digital coffee date or happy hour with friends.  Make sure to keep topics uplifting and tell each other positive things that have happened to you recently.  Talk about upcoming plans for when you can be together again and how great it will be to see them face to face. 

Have a routine, but be flexible

Staying at home it becomes easy to stay in bed an extra 20 minutes or even delay chores that don’t seem “as important”.  It’s important to build a schedule for your day, but allow flexibility as other things come up.  Try to wake up around the same time every morning and go to bed around the same time every night.  Write down your goals for the day, but make sure to leave time for your daily workout and time to read a good book.  Don’t be too hard on yourself about getting too much into your schedule that you end up adding unnecessary stress.  Maintain a balance between a schedule and relaxation will help you have a more useful and rewarding day.

Practice being Thankful

Years ago, Oprah talked about how every morning she would write in her journal 5 things she was thankful for that day.  Being thankful, or having gratitude is good for humans.  The more gratitude we extend to others during hard times, the more cheerful and positive of an outlook we carry. 

This is a great time to share with others what they mean to us.  Practice gratitude by sharing with friends and family how much they mean to you and what a positive impact they make in your life.   

Get some fresh air

When we are cooped up inside the stale air and looking at the same 4 walls can get frustrating.  Get outdoors, and bask in the fresh air!  During this time, I have been taking 2-3 hour long walks a couple times a day and stopping to see the world around me.  I am taking the time to see how children are decorating their windows, and noticing the different yard décor.  Take time to wave hello to the person relaxing in their lawn chair; I mean keep a physical distance but still be friendly!

Try something new

Just because we can’t order from our favorite restaurant doesn’t mean we can’t have exciting meals!  Find something delicious on Pinterest or get out of your comfort zone and try international cuisine.  Tune on your favorite music, and get the whole family in on the experience; have fun with it!  This is a chance for you all to try something new and bond over a new adventure in the kitchen.

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