Love thy Self no matter what your mask looks like!

May 7th.  Day one billion.  A few days ago, I asked if anyone else felt like we were climbing a smooth marble wall with no success up the wall.  Yep, I still feel that way.  We just have to remember this too shall pass! 

Over the past few days, I have shared different bits of mental health knowledge with you and as we get into today’s topic it’s important to remind you: there is nothing wrong with having a mental health concern.  To have a mental health concern in today’s world is similar to saying you have a pulled muscle.  Someone pulled a muscle because they went out and experienced life; you have a mental health concern because you went out and experienced l

Do you remember the scene from Tina Fey’s Mean Girl’s where they are all standing around the mirror talking about physical flaws they wish they could change?  It’s insecurity! Insecurity can feed into self-esteem issues.  Believe it or not everyone; and I do mean everyone has some type of self-esteem issue. 

As you take time during the pandemic to work on yourself one of your goals may be to work on your “self-love”.  That’s awesome!  But I’m going to be honest and tell you self-love is code for self-esteem.  I’m 35 and if I was paid for each time, I was told the following statement I would be a billionaire:

No one else is going to love you till you love yourself. 

Take time to see the beauty in yourself.  Love your individuality.  Love the fact that you can curl your tongue when most can’t. 

It took me a long time to embrace my naturally curly hair; until one day I was getting it chemically treated to be straight and the stylist told me she would kill to have my curl.  Remember, what you may hate about yourself someone might kill or be paying tons of money to have.  Straight hair verse curly hair?  Tan skin?  Cosmetic surgery?

Here is another great piece of advice that changed my life & how I live it.  Before I share it, I ask you to let it sink it, reflect on it, process it, and truly believe it to be true. 

Most people don’t care! 

Most people are more focused on how they look they aren’t paying attention to you.  Most people will only see you for 30 seconds of their life and will forget you after they walk by…they don’t care!

Tell yourself you are a gift from God & a beautiful person. He put each of us on this planet for a reason; we may not understand it now but there is a reason…a BEAUTIFUL reason.

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