Relax…you got this!

May 8th

Today is the last day of my series on sharing different pointers on mental health from my own experience.  I hope you have enjoyed the last few days and have found them useful not only now during the pandemic, but going forward after life gets back to normal…whenever that will be.

When life gets back to normal…or something that resembles normal; it will be important to do you-time or self-care.  When people think of self-care they think of a day at the spa with massages, mani-pedi, facials, etc.  Those are great steps for self-care but you don’t want to change your schedule to the point that your self-care activities lead to more stress as you rearrange your schedule.  Don’t cancel your life for self-care time; you should already have SELF-time scheduled regularly. 

Have you ever noticed even superheroes have weaknesses?  It’s because no one, fiction or not, is perfect.  You don’t have to do everything for everyone.  Honestly, sometimes self-care is setting aside that to-do list to just relax to spend time with family.  Order take-out and let the hubby do the dishes!  Don’t let being the perfect mom or wife drain you; put you first!  You overwhelm yourself with everyone’s needs that you don’t meet your own.  Self-care means not sacrificing yourself.  It may be hard, but sometimes you will have to say “no”. 

If you don’t put yourself first if you don’t stay true to who you are; then you can’t truly take care of yourself to be there for others.

If you are needing some suggestions for self-care try my go-tos:

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