Protest the clean way

June 6th

Wow; what else can 2020 throw at us?  As we are starting to open the doors to our homes after the global pandemic a scene comes to mind from one of my favorite 90’s movies.  In the last scene of Twister, you see the family coming out of the storm cellar to assess the damage.  I feel like that family right now; we are coming out of our homes to see what the world around us is like. 

The tornado is gone and life goes on.  Just as the pandemic is slowly crawling away into the dark corners of the globe; we must go on.  Sadly, we are going onto another problem; a problem that could have been avoided.  As I mentioned previously in a post rioting and protesting across America have become the nightly norm now.  On May 25th, George Floyd, was pinned down by an officer and died. 

For me; there are a lot of factors in this situation.  Black injustice?  Police brutality?  Pent up emotion and irritability from the month’s long pandemic?  Citizens who might still be carrying the virus protesting unprotected spreading it to others?

I receive newsletters from Women’s Health magazine and they had this great article written by Rita Omokha, that I want to share with you.  The article is advice from Dr Ashley Denmark, DO of Missouri Baptist Medical Center giving her perspective on how to appropriately protest while the fear of Covid-19 is still a factor.   

It does worry me when Dr Denmark talks about how the outbreak could resurge especially in black communities or those who participate in the protests.  She makes a great point that those who protest may be a great health; but they could be bringing it home to mothers and grandmothers; sisters and brothers. 

It’s important to highlight that she pushes for social distancing!  And might I add as a sidebar; regardless of if you are protesting, going to the store, or just going for a walk; it’s still a wise move to wear your mask.

The doc did a great job of emphasizing not touching your face, your mask, or other surfaces.  If you do; wash your hands!  It’s OK to carry soap and hand sanitizer with you!  A few months ago people may have looked at your strange but now, we get it!

It’s important to note her advice on decontamination prior to entering the home; I have not heard many people making that recommendation.  It does make sense that the virus can live on any surface from your shoes to your ballcap.  So make sure to leave your shoes at the door and put your clothes directly into the wash.

What a great article on two big events of 2020. As you venture out please take precautions to stay safe not only for yourself, but those around you. You are taking a stand against racism; but make sure to take a stand for your health as well!

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