Mood-ring for Cats…in a litter box

Meet Bailey! He is my 8-year-old tabby cat.

Most everyone in my life will tell you I’m not a cat person, but I fell in love with Bailey the moment I saw him as a kitten. You see; my birthday is in November and my boyfriend at the time gave me a $50 bill and told me to have fun when it came to celebrating. Well, like most ladies I didn’t appreciate the gesture and complained. Fast-forward to Christmas he bought me a kitten…from a cattery.

Bailey was 6 weeks old when I got him; and he came with ringworm and ear-mites. Non-the-less, I kept him even though all of my girlfriends told my boyfriend how much I didn’t like cats.

As time progressed the cat stayed & the boy hit the road! Bailey has been my ride or die; wingman; and support system for eight amazing years & I couldn’t imagine life without him.

A couple of years ago Bailey was starting to get picky with what he ate and we were making weekly trips to the veterinarian. That’s when I found out he had gastric issues. It took 4 visits and about a $1,000 to figure this out because Bailey just couldn’t express his discomfort and what was wrong. After that, I tried to find products on the market that would help comfort him but also help show signs of any health issues.

I’ll admit I tried a few different things before I found the “magic trick”. One afternoon I came across an advertisement for Pretty Litter and started investigating. The best thing I can say is AMAZING!

Who remembers in the 90’s mood-rings were hot items to tell us how we were feeling? Well, welcome to the mood-ring for cats! I love the stuff!

Pretty Litter is a monthly subscription that gets mailed to your door. Being that Bailey in an only-fur baby I subscribe to just 1 cat, but they do have a multiple cat option. The litter is a soft vanilla color granulate texture and when Bailey does his business if he’s healthy the litter turns a darker yellow. But…if there are health problems it will change a different color such as red, blue, green, and orange.

Each month the litter comes in a box containing the litter. There is a reminder card each month explaining you need a minimum of 2 inches of litter in the box (there’s even a handy ruler on the card). The card also provides suggestions to minimize odor such as keeping the litter box out of high humid rooms (aka the bathroom). Don’t worry if your feline friend doesn’t take to the litter right away; Bailey didn’t either; just give it a couple of days and help them adjust with a mixture of the old and new litter.

It’s so important to clean the litter box daily. Not only does it help remove the poo-poo, but it helps move around the litter that may be discolored. Not to mention the #1 point of the litter, to see how your cat’s health is doing!

This has given me reassurance that my aging cat is continuing to stay healthy even though he may not always be able to convey his feelings.

Please note; as they say on the included card, “…Only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose and treat medical conditions. Pretty Litter does not monitor every potential medical issue and recommends regular wellness visits as part of good pet parenting”.

If you have an aging feline or want to be proactive by having a Mood-ring for cats kind of litter I highly HIGHLY encourage you to check out Pretty Litter.

They send regular emails (which you can always opt-out of) to help you be the best cat-parent possible.

One of my favorite parts is about a week prior to shipping they send me a text message asking; “Hey, do you want your shipment early? If not we will send it out in about a week”.

Try it out & let me know what you think!

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