Budgeting for the Wedding attire

This is the 4th post in a series of tips & tricks I’m sharing with you. Back when I was young & wet behind the ears I had a passion to be a party planner; specifically weddings. While I still have the interest & my friends admit I throw the best parties; life took me a different direction. You see; when I graduated from college I had a bachelor of liberal studies to go out into the world & plan parties…except there was a recession. Having a party planner is a luxury, not a necessity so there just was not a demand for my career interest.

Along the way, many of my friends have used me as a resource when it comes to planning their weddings. In the next few posts, I want to share with you some of my knowledge & tips I have picked up along the way.

Honestly, regardless of if you are planning for your wedding, senior prom, freshman homecoming, or spouses big company event this is a good piece of advice.

Don’t blow your ENTIRE fashion budget on the dress!

It’s so easy to put $2,000 aside for the look, but that doesn’t mean you can buy a gown with a price tag of $2,000. You need to remember:

  • tax
  • shipping if you are not buying it off the rack
  • alterations
  • undergarments
  • shoes
  • veil
  • hair accessories
  • jewelry

You really can’t avoid tax unless you are fortunate to have a hand-me-down dress, or buy from Facebook marketplace or another swap site.

Some ladies are lucky when it comes to buying a dress off the rack. If you are trying to cut corners and watch the budget you may need to compromise on what you are looking for to be able to shop off the rack. Remember, the more details you want, the harder it is going to become to find that perfect dress.

Similar to buying off the rack, some ladies are luckier than others when it comes to alterations. Most gowns will need some sort of alteration. Depending on where you purchase your gown and how many changes are needed. Of course, keep in mind the more time or labor needed means the more expensive your alteration is going to cost.

As a plus-size female, I get jealous of those who don’t need the undergarments especially up-top. On your special day, you want to feel like a Disney princess, you want to move around like a mermaid; so no pinching underwires and tight bands. Here are some undergarment suggestions that I personally recommend. If you can’t find the product in your size I suggest finding something with the concept:

  • Push-up Adhesive Bra No joke! I recommend adhesive bras! They won’t have the underwire, but that is OK because the adhesive will stick even as you sweat the night away
  • High Waist Tummy Control Panties It’s your wedding day, you are going to be looking at the pictures for years to come, of course, you want to look amazing. But you also want to feel amazing all day! While I own the shapewear that starts at your bra line and goes to mid-thigh and discourage that for your wedding day; here’s why! Studies have shown when wearing that shapewear for a long period of time it’s similar to that of sausage, its just packing your inner organs in & stuffing you in there. Do you want the possibility of inner organ discomfort for a day of fitting into your wedding gown? I don’t! With high waist control panties, they will sit just above the belly-button and smooth out the tummy. This means you also don’t have to worry about the shapewear rolling down as your strut your stuff on the dance floor!
  • Slip with foam cups Some ladies will need a slip under their dress to help with static; makes perfect sense! My best advice for your slip is to go with a piece as close to your skin color as possible! If you are of African American descent and wear a white slip during an afternoon wedding the slip could show through the dress. You want an undergarment piece that will blend in with your skin color in the event the sun shines through or catches the light.
  • Butt lifting shapewear shorts It sounds weird, but I have heard brides swear by butt-lifting shapewear shorts for their big day! What others don’t notice may mean the world to you; so you go, girl! Lift that butt!

Shoes are a personal preference. This is something you can get away with borrowing as part of the something old, something new something borrowed, something blue. The best advice I have is if you buy new shoes for your big day break them in! You don’t need blisters holding you back.

Veils are one of those things that are considered traditional; but not essential.

If you are on a mission to find some beautiful pieces of jewelry while on a budget you are in luck! Don’t hesitate to ask family & friends if they have anything you can borrow. Hit up local antique shops for awesome finds, it’s OK to mix and match pieces. And below is a list of my top 5 suggestions for sets under $25

  • Unsutuo Wedding Set What a great statement set with stunning earrings and a simple classy necklace
  • Yean Wedding Set A very simple earring and necklace set. What I appreciate the most is you can wear the earring or necklace by themselves at a later time, as a reminder of your special day.
  • Paxuan Silver Wedding Set This is a great bling bling, yet affordable set. The addition of the tiara and bracelet really gives it that….”ice” as they say in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Misgrace Set No one ever said you have to only wear diamonds or pearls to a wedding. It’s your wedding, wear what you want!
  • Mecresh Bridal Set What a fun contemporary look!

Hopefully, this has helped you when setting a budget for your wedding attire. Just know you will be STUNNING on your wedding day! Good luck!

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